Thursday, April 21, 2011


A little back dated, but a funny story nevertheless. 

Career Day is not really my favorite day. It's sort of like a field trip in that it usually requires Advil and a sense of humor, but the students LOVE it and end up learning a lot.

This Career Day promised something only teaching in Japan can offer - Sumo Wrestlers!! Not only that, but due to their small size, my class was lucky enough to score front row seating for the big event!

I was ecstatic, I was excited, and I was definitely forgetting one crucial thing: 

I'd never seen the back of a Sumo in a Mawashi. 

Neither, apparently, had any of my students.

I almost choked when the Sumos walked into the gymnasium. (Large men in small outfits will do that to you.) My kids did point at the Sumos, proceed to inform everyone within earshot that they had "big hairy butts", and howl with laughter as the Sumos did squats to stretch before wrestling. However, once the stretching was over, my class settled down and became completely absorbed with the whole presentation.

The wrestlers were gracious and kind and even wrestled some of the older students. It was by far the best Career Day I've ever been to. I learned a lot and I'm grateful for all the experiences Japan has to offer...even if they might make me a little uncomfortable initially.  

My camera died before I could get any pictures of the actual wrestling. Lucky for you, dear readers, I have a few snapshots of the Sumos.

       could I not share these pictures with y'all?

                                                    Big guys doing big stretching!

My class in the front row. 

                                                               Sumo squat!

   This is about when the howling with laughter and pointing started. Suddenly, front row seating isn't looking like the best idea ever...

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