Friday, September 23, 2011

Kobe: Day One

When Douglas got back from Australia, we decided that we were both in need of a break and wanted to go somewhere to celebrate our anniversary. We decided on Kobe after hearing rave reviews from some friends. All I really knew about Kobe was that that's where Kobe beef was from and that it was located OFF island.

Okinawa is a beautiful island. Meaning, after a while, you start day dreaming about new scenery. I also wanted to experience more of Mainland than just the airport. My goals were to eat Kobe beef, go up in the Kobe Port Tower, see some shrines, and check out the hot springs! So, we dropped Annie off at Doggie Camp and headed to the airport! 

Our airline, ANA. Also the airline I came to Oki on!

Wee! Leg room!

We were served lunch on the plane. Turns out, I accidentally ate octopus. I didn't hate it.

We landed and quickly had to catch the ferry that would take us to Kobe. The ferry took us across the bay to Kobe! It was definitely the most nauseous I've ever felt!

Leaving the dock!

I wonder if taking pictures inside the ferry is rude? Probably.

We finally ended up in the big city (6th largest in Japan!) of Kobe. I didn't realize how rural Oki actually was until we hit the very cosmopolitan Kobe. 

 We checked into our hotel and immediately headed off to the Herb Gardens. The Herb Gardens are quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. They provided awesome views of the city. We had a good time and took a TON of pictures!

Our mode of transportation up the mountains to the Herb Gardens! So fun!   

Beautiful view of Kobe! 

  We finally made it to the top of the mountain and enjoyed a beautiful, flower-filled walk down the mountain. 

museum and shops!

Loved this. 


We ended the evening by roaming around the city. Kobe is a port city, so we had some of the most interesting dinner choices: French, Swiss, Italian, Mexican, American, German, English, Chinese, Thai, Indian, African, and, of course, Japanese! We settled on Mexican. I have zero shame. It was a delicious way to end our first day in Kobe!

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