Monday, May 28, 2012

Okinawan visitors: Davies :)

 Deployments are sucky.

I figured I'd start this post out by stating the glaringly obvious. Being away from your husband is lonely and, more often than not, kind of boring. 

So, when my friend Sarah (Davs!) called and told me she could come to visit, I was completely THRILLED. I didn't expect to have a whole lot of visitors because flying halfway around the world? Kinda pricey.

Picking her up at the airport was the best thing ever. I don't think I realized how long I'd actually gone without seeing one familiar face. I must've told her about twenty times on the way home "I just can't believe you're actually here!" Also hard to believe? We've been buddies now for TEN YEARS.

We had a good visit and I was sad (and so jealous!) to see her head back to the States. Anyway, below are some pictures from our fun Okinawan adventures! :)

Featured: Glass Factory, Pineapple Park, Fruitsland, Shuri Castle, Bios on the Hill...

So glad you could come, Davies! :)

Davies almost ready to hit the kiln. Making glass cups! :)

The whole operation. It wasn't very glamorous, but their work was intricate and beautiful.

At the butterfly section of Fruitsland. Before it got weird...
I convinced her to feed the birds at Fruitland. She got the most homely, diseased looking little guy they had. I think she's scarred for life. :)

Pretty much how I normally drive, right? Actually, the cart moved at a glacial speed on its own track. This rendered the steering wheel, and me trying to steer it, completely pointless.

We're pretty good at this pose.
Pineapples. Growing in the ground. Huh. ;)

Orion Beer Factory. Great tour, but they didn't allow photos. (Lame, right?


Shuri Castle. Apparently, I was so self involved that this is the only picture of our Shuri Castle tour I took. Sorry...
Headed for our River Tour to see the water buffalo at Bios on the Hill.

Everybody has a water buffalooooooooo!

Davs ordered Takoyaki. (fried octopus.)

Try some takoyaki she said. Be an adventurous eater she said.

No trip to Okinawa is complete without a trip to Cocok's. This is my bangin' pedicure.

"Toes in, everybody!" :)
Possibly the greatest photo from her trip. Sarah can't ride the bikes in sandals. Sarah had to wear Crocs. There are few things in life Sarah hates more than Crocs. I mocked her relentlessly. And documented it.
Biker babe Moriah.

Biker babe Davies.
We biked to the beach for pictures and to beachcomb.

beach buddies
slice of heaven

Sarah and Moriah hunting for coral. I was waaaay behind them picking through the sand looking for sea glass.


Amazing color, right?


  1. Can I just say it is weird to see pictures of me and my actual name under them and not Davs or Davies? Hahaha.

  2. It was completely weird writing it. I'm just practicing for my speech ;)