Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Okinawan Visitors: Kay! :)

 I hadn't seen any of my huge, crazy family since I left Richmond. When my stepmom, Kay, said she'd be coming to visit too - I was both shocked and thrilled at my good fortune.

 Kay is easily one of the most positive and caring people I've ever met. Having her stay with me for a little over a week was wonderful. It was good to hug her, to be able to sit down to talk and eat with her, and wake up to having family in the house. The longer I've been away from family, I think the more appreciative I am to have them in my life.

 While Kay was here, we hiked Hiji Falls, explored Okuma, visited the Churaumi Aquarium, and went to go see the Dragon Boat races. 

 Putting her back on the plane was very hard, but I consider myself extremely blessed to have such wonderful people to miss.

 Iove you very much, Kay, and I am SO glad you could come visit! :)

 Here are a few pictures of her trip: 

   (Dad, are you proud that I actually posted pictures or what?!?)

Get it! The hike up to Hiji Falls was mostly tiny, grueling stairs...

...but the view was awesome!

Cooling off at Okuma

Hunting for hermit crabs. :)

Dolphin show at the Aquarium. This little guy (err...big guy?) is a wholphin. He's a whale and dolphin hybird and was precious. I'd like one for Christmas, if anyone's wondering what to get me.

Entrance to the Aquarium

Photo op with Melissa's sweet boys.

Sarah! It's a stin-gray! :)

Aquarium fun.

Boarding the dragon boats!

Getting into starting positions...

...and they're off!

So cool!

Katniss freaking Everdeeeeen!!! Okay, maybe not. Zip lining was AWESOME, though. I loved it!
Get it, girl! You do what you want! :)

Kay seriously has a gift for finding butterflies anywhere. Even by the portable potties! :)
Yummy, yummy yakiniku!

As mentioned before, no trip to Oki is complete without a pedi (and mani!) from Cocok's. Kay's butterflies turned out amazing!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!! I'm still not sure I could do ziplining. They have it in Fayetteville and I want to try it, but I also don't want to throw up on some poor, unsuspecting soul. Glad you had fun! Miss you Kay!