Monday, December 10, 2012

naha tug of war

My personal experience with tug of war has always been pretty limited. A few times at summer camps here and there. 

Honestly? It didn't hold much appeal after I got my first dose of rope burn on my tender little hands. Ouch. No thank you.

Now, imagine the biggest game of tug of war you've ever seen. Like, close down the highway, block traffic kind of big.

Crazy, right?

I've been dying to go to the tug of war since...well, the beginning. I've missed it every year. 

Not this year. I sent the Mr emails, I nagged a little, I mentioned it every few hours.

Finally, we went.

The Naha Tug of War originated sometime in the 1600s. From what I gather, it's a parade and festival meant to commemorate the competition between two rulers in Naha from "days of old". It's essentially East-vs-West.

For those who don't mind being smushed, elbowed, and stepped on, I heard there was fan dancing and a sword contest. I'm not tall or brave enough to know for sure.

What I do know is D and I cut some rope for ourselves at the end. It's supposed to bring good luck and fortune. We'll have to see.

crazy amount of people in the crowd

I love this shot.

cutting some rope to take home

he's so handsome

kimono sightings make me happy
oki street food...which also makes me happy
our view from the train. adios, naha!

Another wonderful adventure.

xo, katie

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