Monday, December 10, 2012

Boracay Bound: Welcome home, Douglas!

Douglas came home from Afghanistan at the end of the summer. 

It was possibly the best day of my life. I love that guy. I like having him around.

To celebrate his return, we decided to take a little vacation to Boracay, Philippines.
  After many months apart, we finally were able to relax, rest, and reconnect

The island is lush, green, warm, and welcoming. It's hard not to fall a little bit in love with Boracay. We caught ourselves saying more than a few times how we wish we could just stay there forever. Wouldn't that be lovely? 

 And the beach? Don't get me started. The ocean is a piercing shade of blue and practically beckons you to come swim, explore, and take a smallish nap or two on the soft white sand.

We were professional vacationers. We sunbathed, ate amazing food, napped, read books, swam, snorkeled, and had an overall excellent week. 

off we go!

we finally arrived!

some much needed r&r


leaving boracay sad

 It was a wonderful adventure.

xo, katie  

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