Monday, February 28, 2011

Castle Ruins, Sunflowers, and Sunshine

One of favorite things to do is pile in the car and just GO. Now that we have Annie, it's been even more fun than usual. 

   Below are some pictures from President's Day weekend. Castle ruins, sunflower fields, and sunshine. Doesn't get much better! 

Sunflowers are absolutely my all time FAVORITES. I was so excited to find fields and fields of them. They looked a little limp (we just had a BIG rain), but still beautiful!

Our walk around the castle ruins: Not much castle to be seen, but great views!

Lifting the rock. With just one finger. No big deal.

my family <3

I don't read much Japanese, but I'm pretty sure this roughly translates into: HABU SNAKE. This was at the end of the trail and I was very grateful we didn't bump into one of these. Yuck!

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