Monday, February 28, 2011

my brown eyed girl

  A few weeks ago, the pet policy for our housing changed. Meaning, if you live on the first or second floor (which we do!) you can have a pet. We hemmed and hawed over the idea of either going to get Dunstan and Tiger (not really practical), hoping someone would come visit us and bring them (not very likely), or finding a new pet here in Okinawa. 

 About the same time, we were tooling around on in the pet section. That's when we saw her picture and read her story. Recently brought in for being a stray, this sweet chocolate lab had about three days before she'd be put down. The pound gasses all unwanted dogs.

 The picture on the ad showed an adorable 4 year old chocolate lab. She was said to be very sweet, well-mannered, and desperate for a good home. Maybe it was the story, maybe it was her big, brown eyes, but we contacted the people behind the ad right away. 

 A few days later, we had reached a decision: we'd bring her home and see how it went. At least that way we would know that she wouldn't be put down. We were still pretty unsure about the whole thing, so we kept saying that if things didn't work out, we'd foster her for a bit and find a loving home for her here.

 We've named her Annie. She's just as sweet and well-behaved as we hoped. (There was one butter eating incident that we won't go in to. Looks like we've brought home the Paula Deen of dogs.) We've been working on some potty-training and house manners, but we're so excited to have her. She's a very sweet girl and we love her already. :) 

sweet girl on her first day home.


  1. Aww - what a sweetie! We saw her heartbreaking ad on OYS as well. Lemme know if you're ever up for a playdate!

  2. Thanks, Kaylie! We're still working on some basics with her, but we'll probably be ready for a playdate in a few weeks! That sounds great! :)

  3. One of my past Labs loved butter! She once jumped up on the counter and stole a whole stick!! Ha!! Love your Lab. She looks so sweet and boy is she LUCKY!!!