Friday, February 11, 2011

shuri castle

Shuri Castle is one of those things you have to go see when you’re in Okinawa. 

So, out of sense of obligation and adventure, we set out to see Shuri Castle. Built in the 14th century, this castle was home to the emperor. It was almost completely destroyed in the Battle of Okinawa. Just in case you forget that, it’s written on just about every sign there.  The castle is absolutely fantastic and was full of tourists when we went there. It’s a beautiful place that offers breathtaking views. We took a bunch of great pictures. Enjoy! :) 

The castle was being renovated. So, I tried to crop out all the plastic covered portions.

We stopped in a tea room inside the castle. We had tea and local Okinawan cookies. It was a delicious and a nice break from all the walking!

One of the views from inside the castle. 

Peace signs & Okinawan cookies. I'm practically a local now!

One of my favorite pictures. Douglas snapped it on the walk back to the car. Mopeds are much more enjoyable when they're parked & not zig zagging all over the road.

Another picture from our walk back.

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