Friday, February 11, 2011

a slight leave of absence...

“If you could get any word tattooed on your head, it should be consistency.” 

  Huh. Although my college professors were onto something big when it came to teaching, I’ve yet to apply any consistency to certain areas of my life. 

Mainly, my blogging.

Yes, it’s mostly because I’ve been lazy. 

  However, I’ve had a few issues with tumblr (It appears I’m not tech savvy enough to create what I want?) and have decided to move my blog to greener pastures. Blogspot has a bit of an easier format aaaand you’ll be able to post comments. Which, we all know is a huge bonus. (Right? Right?)
Considering I haven’t actually blogged since…ohhh, December, I’ll try my best to back date.

  Christmas came and went. We strung lights, decorated the tree, ate yummy cookies, and enjoyed Christmas music. (We might have started listening to said Christmas music in early November. It might have been my fault.)  We went to a few Christmas parties, had Christmas dinner with some very good friends, and spent the actual day together.  We enjoyed getting cards, calls, and packages from family and friends. It’s been wonderful to hear from all of you! We miss you!

   Right after Christmas, I got offered a Pre-K teaching position at an elementary school on a nearby base. It’s been exciting and nice to be working again. I’ve been blessed with fifteen sweet kids and awesome, involved parents. I can also tell you that I definitely have the cutest class ever.  

  Our second shipment of furniture arrived. Yeah! The movers came at 8am. They delivered all our furniture, unpacked the kitchen (definitely the worse part), took out all the trash (tape, paper, boxes), and were out the door in less than an hour. Awesome! (Definitely not like the movers back home!) It's been great to have our own furniture in our own apartment. It definitely makes everything feel more like home. We've enjoyed finally being able to use those fabulous wedding gifts! 

  I'll make a point in my next few blogs to update everyone on our outings and include lots of pictures. (That's been a big request!) We miss you all so much! 

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