Friday, February 11, 2011

curry up and wait

About this time last year, I was living across the hall from a great cook.

  Okay, I actually have no idea how her cooking tasted. However, I can tell you that her cooking smelled phenomenal. I would often joke about befriending her & her family just to score a dinner invite. This didn’t pan out. Their family was not interested in my friendship. (Maybe they knew the only collateral I had to offer was a dinner of frozen chicken nuggets?)

  Turns out, it would take packing up and moving to Japan for me to finally get Indian food. (You can keep your stupid friendship, lady.)  Curry here in Okinawa is a lot like Mexican food at home. It’s absolutely everywhere.  Yes, I know it’s not very authentic, but it sure is delicious!

  My first experience with curry is a great place out here called CoCo’s. However, my favorite place is called Paradise Curry. There’s a bunch of different types of curry to try.Probably more variety than any stingy neighbor had going on in her kitchen…not that I’m still bitter.) Douglas and I found this place on accident while exploring American Village. Dinner was great and we managed to take a few pictures while we were there!

Tired of my incessant picture taking? 

Douglas got a little fancy with his curry plate. I may have dumped curry on top of rice with a loud "Taa-Daa!!!!"

Lots of different options!! :) 

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