Friday, February 11, 2011

wheels in the sky (keep on turnin')

   I wish I was better about taking pictures. I am always leaving the someplace thinking “Oh, I should’ve taken pictures”. In my defense, I’ve been taking my camera with me everywhere and actually making an effort to take pictures. By that I mean, I hand the camera to Douglas and let him snap away. I consider it a miracle if I can get a picture without my thumb it. ("No, that blur taking up half your picture isn't what you wanted?") He’s definitely a lot more advanced and takes interesting pictures. It’s fun to see the way he looks at things and it makes me feel accomplished knowing I’ve got pictures of something. Lazy? You bet. Do I have pictures though? Sure do.

  On that note, enjoy my first bloggity blog with pictures. (I actually wrote this back in November and had it saved on my computer. Ha.)

   There’s a HUGE ferris wheel here in an area called American Village. I’ve been talking nonstop about the ferris wheel since Douglas first left for Okinawa about a year ago. He offered to wait until I was here to ride it. I’d been eyeing it for a while and wasn’t actually sure it was working.( It moves THAT slowly.) So, one afternoon we set out with the goal of riding the giant Coca-Cola (yeah, America!) ferris wheel. 

  Here’s a couple fun facts about ferris wheels: A) they go up high in the air. Extremely high in the air. B) I haven’t ridden a ferris wheel in a really, really long time. C) When you haven’t ridden a ferris wheel in a really, really long time sometimes you tend to forget just how much you hate fact A.

  For the record, Douglas had a wonderful time. He laughed, made jokes, took pictures, and told stories. I concentrated primarily on not vomiting and promising Jesus I’d never swear again if only he’d let my two feet touch that sweet, sweet earth below once again.  So, keep that in mind when you check out the following pictures.
Ah, this is me panicking. Super cute, right? Also pictured: my rockin' pink eye infection. The optometrist noted that I probably picked it up from someone who was sick at the airport. (Senor snotrag, I'm looking at you.) 

Not pictured: A husband who is happily snapping pictures of me and my misery.

Some of us were not afraid of heights and were completely enjoying themselves. This behavior is a teensy bit annoying to anyone currently having a nervy b. 

I will say, the ferris wheel offered some really great views. Here's a few: 

oh, sweet parking jobs.

Looks like fun, right?

Cage of death.


  1. I would like to point out, my dear wife, that I did not offer to wait for you to arrive on Okinawa before riding the ferris wheel. You made me promise to wait.

  2. I guess by "he offered" I meant "I bullied him into promising to wait for me". You certainly are particular!